Welcome to my Website! From dialectal gawm sense from Middle English gome notice from Old Norse gaumr..
Composotron/Arrangotron ELIEsS and ELLI's.

Don't stop, keep up!

all right reserved by Elie McAfee-Hahn

List of Works

  • SCSCURURVYVY *Cardtunes #3* ;;;;; co-composer / score designer of a musical comic rel.2018::::: Check it out / Buy one for yourself! or View

  • "Flowers" by The Flowers [engineer, producer, co- songwriting/arraging, performer] rec.2014 rel.2019 ::::: https://dylanandelie.bandcamp.com/album/the-flowers

  • "Emoticon" by iamelie.com, rel.2013 ::::: https://iameliecom.bandcamp.com/album/emoticon

  • Writings

  • Short Story 1
  • Short Story 2
  • Short Story 4
  • Short Story 8
  • all rights reserved by Elie McAfee-Hahn 2019

    Gallery *Comics and Other Visual Works*


    Instructional Zines
  • 1 | Adobe Illustrator #1 (thanks to Ben Korsh)
  • 2 | Autodesk Maya 3D #1
  • 3 | Fablab Lasercutting #1
  • 4 | Adobe Illustrator #2
  • 5 | FM Synthesis #1
  • 6 | Autodesk Maya 3D #2 (thanks to Andrew Dembling)

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    the only juice that must flow is ink - elie mh

    the chrome rulings:

    the only juice that must flow is chrome
    let the streets run chrome
    let them eat chrome
    the new honesty is chrome
    let’s be chromes
    you owe me no chrome
    you owe me chromes
    I owe you chrome
    i own you chromes
    What are we but chrome stuck in loam?
    there is a horse of metal